featuring PPS:

  • non-destructing scanning
  • own bookbinder inhouse
  • each step in our process is available separately
    • binding books
    • scanning
    • digital processing
      • cleaning (removing spots, filling holes)
      • straighten
      • cropping
      • adjusting borders
    • OCR, adjustments by dictionary (any language)
    • story/article separation, PDF reading optimization
  • export of created data in any format (for importing in customers DMS/CMS); eg. PDF, XML, METS/ALTO, DFG compliant
  • PPS_Finder available as optimized search/find engine for archive data and actual/daily data as well (enterprise solution for any documents)

what are we digitizing:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • books
  • single page collections
  • photos (prints)
  • large format prints (up to DIN A2 / 420 x 594mm, eg. maps)
  • continuous paper (up to 6m length by 30mm width)
  • microfilm
  • film strip

digitizing photo archives:

  • scanning 2-sides (duplex, front and backside)
  • up to DIN A3 / 297 x 420 mm
  • OCR of backside (date stamp, numbering, Datum, photographer, image subtext)
  • using image feature detection to find used same/used photo in photo archive and newspaper (finding both ways: archived photo in newspaper and used newspaper image in photo archive)

photo and newspaper archive in combination – some benefits:

  • automatic replacement of printed newspaper images with hires scanned photos. Will rise reprint quality dramatically.
  • find used images for reselling (original, reprint, or image file (eg. a society is asking for images used in newspaper 50 years ago … you’ll be able to offer them…)
  • anniversary newspapers with automatically replaced high resolution images

additional information on OCR quality:

  • OCR error rate less than 0,1% for Antiqua characters and 0,25% for Fraktur characters (scanned by PPS). But OCR errors in characters are not that relevant, because there is a automatic word correction and at the end a search engine will allow lazy searches on word (similar results)

additional accomplishments:

  • Consulting/workshops for funding and how to get money with a digital archive

a look ahead (very near future):

  • image analysis with trained neural networks (face detection, people detection, object detection, …)
  • article/image blackening (deleting articles and images in data) to eg. prevent copyright theft (missing approval from freelancer editor/reporter)

how to fund the scanning/digitizing:

  • offered as consulting / workshop based on your particular need

refinancing – how to make new money from archive:

  • offered as consulting / workshop based on your particular need

our last newsletter (in german):