Picture Archive

Your original prints are in the basement. We scan them and are able to find the repro-images used in the newspapers.

From our more than 20 years of experience in newspaper digitisation and technical developments, we also increasingly offer solutions for the marketing of digital archives.

The situation today:

Thousands or even millions of original photographs are stored in the basement – more or less well sorted. There may even be an index to find the appropriate folder with several hundred pictures.

Those who already market their newspaper archive digitally today will know the inquiries:

A customer has purchased a digital local edition as PDF for the 20th anniversary of his Kegel-Verein in 1974.

Now he asks whether he can also get the 3 original pictures of the half-page article …

But who is still able today to find a sought-after picture from this? The formerly specialized archivists no longer exist. The young generation wants to find everything digitally … google. Who would take the trouble to go down to the picture archive on the basis of a customer inquiry in order to search through it manually? At what cost would this service have to be offered to the customer – who would be willing to pay for it?

With Picture_Finder and the image archiving solution from PPS this is no problem.

Picture_Finder reliably finds the three original images from the millions of originals. Prerequisite: They are digitally available.

These can then be offered to the customer either as high-resolution image files (TIFF, JPEG – possibly with Watermark), as contact prints or even as originals.

In this way, your image archive will be raised as a new treasure and commercialized.

It is also possible to find all images ever used in newspapers so that the unused ones can be sorted out.

For the research it is nowadays indispensable to underpin a current article with historical picture and text facts. Especially current topics like fake news or deliberately “adapted” contents make this necessary.

The PPS_Finder makes a considerable contribution with its article and image search. Historical facts are easily found.

The PPS_Finder can not only manage and find historical data, but also current – digitally produced – data. This makes a quick search possible, which may not be so easy with editorial systems.

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