Newspaper Digitization

The main purpose of newspaper digitisation is to preserve inventory and find information quickly.
The digitisation process generates machine-readable texts from the scanned page images.
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Scan Technology

The scan quality is essential for all further steps up to the article recognition.
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OCR & Layout Analysis

Unfortunately, the OCR does not recognize all elements in the correct form. Some columns are not recognized at all (runs). This requires a correction of the OCR result by our “LAYOUTCORREKTOR”.
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Article Recognition

When the individual articles are recognized, the article elements from the XML files are merged via a typographic and semantic analysis. The images are assigned to the corresponding articles.
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Picture Extraction & Facsimile

We automatically extract editorial images/photos from newspapers.
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Picture Archive

Your original prints are in the basement. We scan them and are able to find the repro-images used in the newspapers.
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PPS Finder

Our aim is to provide publishers with an affordable entry point for searching and finding in the digital archive without switch to larger requirements.

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MSH Web:digiPaper

Für das ePaper von MSH, dem Web:digiPaper, sind wir in der Lage das Archiv – oder auch Seiten seit der digitalen Produktion der Verlage – automatisiert aufzubereiten, sodass Abonnenten sowohl als auch die Redakteure im gesamten Bestand recherchieren können.
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